Say Goodbye To Standby Power

Say Goodbye to Standby Power!
After months of product sourcing & testing, we’ve found a power saving device that actually works.

We’ve called it the Goodbye Standby Adaptor. As it effectively cuts your standby electricity wastage to any infra-red controlled device.

Check out our products page for more information on this Electricity Saving Device that actually works!

Only $24.95 including FREE shipping Australia Wide!

Do It Yourself Renewable Energy Guides Reviewed

Reduce or eliminate your power bills by building a sustainable energy generator in your own back yard. An explosion of DIY power generation kits onto the market now allow a novice handyman to build simple yet powerful wind and solar power generators.

We have reviewed the most popular DIY power products available. We bring you our top three picks based on ease of assembly and installation, value for money and effectiveness.

We have chosen all these products because they meet our essential criteria:

  1. They work!
  2. All kits show you how to make your own solar power panels and wind turbines
  3. Easily sourced materials with a set up cost of around $200
  4. Easy to follow instructions specifically written for someone with no understanding of electricity
  5. All kits can save you 60-80% off your power bill, with some claiming more!
  6. Risk free purchase – all kits come with a 60 day money back guarantee
  7. All Similar Priced products (Under US$50)
Earth 4 Energy - #1 Rated1star1star1star1star1star
Strongly recommended!

This is a fantastic program with easy to follow manual which is illustrated with step by step instructions. It also has full instructional videos to help guide you through the entire process. Multiple independent reviews already rate this as the best product on the market.
It is very easy to follow the instructions, even for those with minimal handyman skills (like me!)

We love:

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  • Simple instructions with video guide
  • Easiest to follow – assumes no knowledge of electric systems
  • Information on storing power, great for those who want to go off grid
  • Lifetime updates
Excellent Guide

Written by Alan Hopkins, an authority on solar and wind power after working for the US government on renewable energy projects. Free Energy Options include easy to follow instructions for both a 1000 watt windmill and 200 watt solar panel.

We love

  • Tips on where to source your materials cheap or for free
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  • General power saving tips for around the home
  • Limited time half price offer
Great Video Tutorials

With academic origins from University Engineering challenges, Energy 4 Green has been developed and thoroughly workshopped by many bright sparks. This product has been road tested by High School students and applied to everyday households and people.

We love

  • Easy to follow video tutorial for those that don’t like reading manuals
  • View More Information & Order

  • Great for off grid – How to store your power and source batteries for free
  • Tips on eliminating stand by power

We will be building our own wind generator based on the Earth4Energy Guide, and will be documenting our experiences on here via blog & perhaps some video :) So Stay Tuned!